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“We deliver insight to improve your outcomes, using data science and our cutting-edge AI applications”


Our mission

Our ambition is to improve outcomes across both the public and private sectors internationally, positively impacting as many lives as possible through data and AI applications.


We constantly seek out opportunities to innovate by collaborating with the front line and data owners looking to extract greater value from the information available to them.

Our background

Favom is the marriage of some of the world's leading data science experts, led by Professor Stefan Zohren (University of Oxford and Turing fellow) and industry-leading software development experts.

We partner with leading institutions and innovators to solve the most challenging problems faced today, delivering powerful data insights.

Our approach

We take a data first approach to objectively analyse data. We rigorously test our hypotheses to ensure we can deliver improved outcomes and powerful insights.


Our team spans data science, AI, machine learning and application development. Discuss your needs with our experts to find the right solution for you.

How we do it

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Data led

Data sits at the heart of everything we do. Collection, storage, analysis, extraction and sharing are all critical. It makes sense therefore that we only promise to deliver outcomes once we know what the data tells us.


Collaborative research

Our team of expert data scientists from world leading institutions work in collaboration with the foremost experts in their fields within the public and private sector. This is how we arrive at the optimal answer. Together.

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Innovative applications

We know delivering insights can be highly impactful. We also know how information is received is equally important. Our insights are powered by user centred solutions that deliver them to you at just the right moment.

Our focus

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Public sector experts

With over 15 years experience delivering cutting edge tech at scale into Public Sector organisations, and combined with our extensive partner network, we are ideally placed to support you to deliver genuine data driven insights.

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User centred

Our software development labs have delivered some of the most innovative user centred software being used by 10s of thousands of users, improving outcomes for millions. We put the user at the centre to deliver real insight in the optimal way.

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Commercial innovation

By providing an income source back into our partner organisations, we aim to support and reward genuine innovation. These mutually beneficial arrangements are crucial in recognising how much we value your input and believe in our shared projects.

Cognitive Forms

AI-driven electronic form completion, provided by Favom, automates filling out digital forms using artificial intelligence.


It extracts and interprets data, maps it to relevant fields, performs error checks, and learns over time to improve accuracy.


This technology enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and lightens human workload in data-heavy industries.

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